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About Us

Since 2015, Rudra Learning Centre is in the area of operation under the name of INKAR Training Institute, for Coaching various technical topics including Engineering Technologies and NEET, JEE, Academic Projects (IEEE & SAE), Industrial prototype concept Engineering,  Research and Innovation Project support for Research Scholars and doctorate fellowship Programmes.

​In the year 2021, by amalgamation with Vetri Group of Companies, which is a successful Women leading organization, where the INKAR Training Institute was renamed as Rudra Learning Centre (RLC).

RLC has a very good past record in Coaching and Project completion for Engineering and Academic Projects. We have commutable approach, which allows fast, cost-effective, and proven performance for customized design modifications to standard platforms. The base products, with creative design innovations for Advanced Electronics Systems (Embedded / Microcontroller and other electronic architectures).

    The organization's design expertise allows fast implementation of full custom designs for backplanes, sub-racks, enclosures and cabinets, as well as full system integration. We use a wide range of technologies in order to achieve the needed quality.

    The RLC has its head office in Chennai sub-urban. Home Automation courses, Industrial Automation Courses, IoT, Basics of Electronics, Engineering subject Courses, SW Courses, Language Courses.

Along with this, we are already having Medical Entrance - NEET, Engineering Entrance IIT-JEE other premier institutions' entrance coaching.

    Also RLC is committed to provide the training for Personality development to revive the humanism from human being. So we provide some courses to develop internally, which are  Personality development courses, Peraananda Yoga for Adult and Children and Emotional Intelligence to maintain tranquility in any circumstances, to take the right decisions and deliver the right actions.

     In addition, RLC offers various courses for school children to develop the right knowledge in the childhood age, which are Tuition academic skills, Abacus, Vedic Maths, Puzzles and Brainstorming sessions for Mental ability, Chess and Carrom to enhance the logical thinking & increase the concentration amongst the children, Arts & Crafts making is to improve the creativity, Behavioral training is for making effective public relations & public communications and Imbibe Practicality is to develop the skills to understand, adapt & perform practically in various public places. 

    RLC is the one stop solution from childhood age to the job placement of a human being. We come forward to foster the humanism and develop the right and conducive society where each one can live with Trust, Tranquility, Peace, Health, Wealth and fostering the customary beliefs of each one.

Mission & Vision


Preaching the right wisdom to all children and adult to enhance the metal health, capacity and ability. Teaching the right skill as an education to everyone without any disability irrespective of region in India.


We are RLC, keep in our Vision in mind, committed to  transform young generations of India towards the healthy, spiritual, trustable, wealthy, innovative, productive and happy people by preaching and teaching.


To provide affordable quality education, while equipping students with knowledge and skills in their chosen stream, inculcate values, identify hidden talents, provide opportunities for students to realize their full potential and thus shape them into future leaders, entrepreneurs and above all good human beings.

Extended Learning in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math for College Students and innovative teachings for school students. 


  • Impart education of the highest standard through value based holistic teaching and learning by integrating traditional and innovative practices.

  • Promoting ethical and spiritual value based preaching and teaching.

  • Create a platform for students for exploring their creative potential and nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship and critical thinking.

  • Inculcate a strong belief in hard work and core values of gender equality, ethical phenomena, human rights and ecology in order to make them socially responsible citizens.

  • Equip students with the skills needed to adapt better to the changing global scenario and gain access to multiple career opportunities.

  • Provide inclusive education by making it accessible to all sections of society.

  • To maintain and promote quality, transparency, compliance and sustainability in governance.

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