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Rudra Learning Centre offers four types of classroom programs for Tuition including School and College Students. 

For School Students, we support all school syllabus operated in India - CBSE, ICSE, State board, Samacheer, and Montessori. We train children from the age group of 6 - 17 years old. 

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  1. Bud Raising Programme (1st Std - 5th Std)

  2. Grooming Programme (6th Std - 8th Std)

  3. Flourishing Programme (9th Std - 10th Std)

  4. Garlanding Programme (11th Std - 12th Std)

Bud Raising Programme:

The Bud-Raising Programme is specially made for children who are studying from 1st Std to 5th Standard, learning through fulfilled activities. In the evening time, from 4pm to 7pm with your convenient timing. 


Grooming Programme:

The Grooming Programme is designed for making the children to understand the basic science from 6th Std to 8th Std. This age group makes to attracts the children to attain basic science and interest too.

Flourishing Programme:

This programme is designed for the school students who are already studying or going to study 9th Std and 10th Std. We are focusing more on Science, Maths, English, Social Science and language paper. ​

Garlanding Programme:

This programme is specially designed for Higher Secondary School Students (+1 & +2), with this programme we are providing special training on the subjects - Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology. This will help the students to sail their life in expected directions with reputed colleges.


RUDRA LEARNING CENTRE Tuition Centres is an initiative of RUDRA LEARNING CENTRE to propel quality education at affordable rates via easy accessibility Rudra learning centre Tuition Centre is a tech-enabled classroom .
While our aim is to provide tuition classes that help students score well in academics. We also prioritise the development of critical thinking and concept-building. It prepares our students with excellent problem-solving abilities required in competitive exams conducted outside schools. 
we use a lot of advanced teaching aids that use high-end technology to present explanations of concepts and examples more visually. This helps our students learn various concepts relating those to easily observable phenomena in their daily lives.

We are all for a healthy learning environment. Teachers at RLCs maintain cordial relationships with students so that there is no gap in communication from their end. Furthermore, each student gets personalized attention from teachers who help them bridge learning gaps and learn more than what is merely given in the syllabus.

Prominent features of RUDRA LEARNING CENTRE Tuition Centre (RLCs): 
We offer Tuition classes for grades 1 to 10. 
Tuition classes are offered for students from CBSE, ICSE and other selected state boards across the country. Apart from school assessments, we also prepare students for other kinds of competitive exams.
Face-to-face Interaction at Tuition Centre
•    Teaching & doubts cleared for complete understanding
•    Further strengthening by problem solving & tutorials
•    Regular assessments & PTMs

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